Overview of the service costs

Charges are made from the first second of service. At the end of the month, the total time will be priced and invoiced.

Minimum charge per month is 60€..


Customized protocols and communication channels registering costs €95.-


Customized fixed number to identify the calls and customer service: €9.-

Customized customer service: 0.013 € per second.


The deposit will be an average monthly invoice and it will be charged at the beginning of the service. It will be regularized with the invoices issued in the six months after and it will be returned at the termination of the contract.


There is not a minimum permanence period. You can cancel the service without any type of penalty at any time with a minimum of one-month advance notice. As soon as we receive the contract signed by you and the confirmation of the protocol, we will proceed to activate your service.

Cost of personalized attention per phone and operator

Type Payment Unit Amount
Land line (DDI) Monthly Dedicated number 9,000 €

Customized customer service for incoming and outgoing calls.

In normal schedule level 1 Monthly Second or fraction 0,014 €
In normal schedule level 2 Monthly Second or fraction 0,013 €
In normal schedule level 3 Monthly Second or fraction 0,012 €

Outgoing calls communication costs

National land line Monthly Minut o fracció 0,03 €
National cellphone Monthly Minut o fracció 0,15 €

Messages platform

SMS Monthly Unit 0,15 €
E-mail or platform message Monthly Unit 0,15 €